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Throughout our lives, we are faced with a series of challenges. For some, these challenges stem from the stress of dealing with losses or life’s transitions. The challenges of others stem from biological disorders which, if undiagnosed, can lead to years of pain for the individual and family.

The doctors at Psychology Resources understand the issues you and your family are facing and the variety of emotions you are experiencing. We strive to provide a warm, friendly environment where you can feel safe, comfortable and confident with your care. Our psychologists are dedicated to helping you gain the tools and the strength you need to turn your challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Psychology Resources is a full-service psychology practice offering individual, couples, and family therapy to children, teens, and adults.



Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Gina Dunckel, Psy.D.

Dr. Dunckel earned a Bachelor’s degree from William Jessup University, where she double majored in Counseling Psychology and Theology. She then attended the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago where she received a Master’s degree, as well as her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Her approach to therapy is centered on the belief that clients already have the tools necessary for change, and it is her job to support them while they move toward healing and wholeness. She is passionate about collaborating with her clients, providing a safe environment so they can do the tough work and heal their life wounds. Dr. Dunckel will use the client’s skills and her knowledge to empower them towards the change and healing they desire. She believes in being a life-long learner and will continue her education to provide the most up-to-date treatment possible.

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