Welcome to Psychology Resources

Throughout our lives, we are faced with a series of challenges. For some, these challenges stem from the stress of dealing with losses or life’s transitions. The challenges of others stem from biological disorders which, if undiagnosed, can lead to years of pain for the individual and family.

The doctors at Psychology Resources understand the issues you and your family are facing and the variety of emotions you are experiencing. We strive to provide a warm, friendly environment where you can feel safe, comfortable and confident with your care. Our psychologists are dedicated to helping you gain the tools and the strength you need to turn your challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Psychology Resources is a full-service psychology practice offering individual, couples, and family therapy to children, teens, and adults.

Psychology Resources has added world-class testing for kids!

Dr. Baruch Williams is now conducting a full range of neuropsychological assessments at Psychology Resources. If your child is struggling with any type of learning difference or is having a hard time at school, Dr. Williams can clarify the underlying cause and provide you with practical recommendations for both home and school! We’re excited about offering neuropsychological testing right here in the Clear Lake area without the months-long waiting times you’d expect elsewhere. Take a look at this flyer for more information!

Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Brian Kline

We are excited that Dr. Kline is bringing his expertise with adult clients to Psychology Resources! Adults with a wide range of concerns will greatly benefit from his clinical skills and compassion.

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